You are probably a sensitive and an openminded person, that seeks to live a life true to yourself and to follow your own path,even if most of the time you do not feel confident about your choices.Sometimes, you feel like you don‘t fit into the regular norms of society; like some kind of an alien that needs to isolate oneself in a lonely existence. In order to feel accepted, you try to adapt. And it is so hard to stand in your truth when you are not understood.   

You‘ve been driven by learning your whole life. You have an adventurous and courageous nature, drawn towards non-conventional thinking based on interest in different cultures, mindsets, methods of self-development and all kinds of diverse knowledge. You seek the essence that lies beyond labels. But even though you know a lot, you tend to feel stuck and to experience a lack of motivation to live like you are in a deep inner crisis. Over thinking, over learning, overachieving and perfectionism take you to a place of tension, exhaustion, where you lack relaxation, simplicity, and joy.

You are a questioner. And you are so curious! You like to experience and to analyze. But the dark side of that is that you often tend to get lost in the myriad of options and ideas. This can be paralyzing, restricting your ability to choose, prioritize, to focus on and to take action, because with so many options in front of you it feels like something is still missing. As a result, you tend to believe that you are either „not enough“ or „too much“. 

You are kindhearted and caring, eager to help. People like tobe around you and tend to ask for your advice and help. And you love to help, feel available and be of use. That is why you easily slip to the role of a hero or a martyr forgetting your own needs, wearing yourself out trying to please everyone even if it doesn‘t feel right. Or maybe you feel guilty if you can‘t or are not willing to help and so instead you act on the basis of „I must“, thinking inside that „I can bear that“, or „Who am I to/not to…“, or „I am expected to“, or „I might hurt his/her feelings…“, or „How can I say „No“, or „If I will not be useful, my life will not have sense“… So many times you underestimate the value of your help that causes emotional and physical exhaustion.  

You feel like you have so much inside that is so unique with the potential to make a massive impact on society. But at the same time, you feel a great fear of being seen, misunderstood, or of making mistakes, being criticized and failing your own high standards of quality.


  • What I do is based on what I have experienced myself during the 40 years of my life, a life full of diverse challenges that have transformed me and harnessed my powerful potential.
  • What I do is based on what I believe. And I believe that:

o   Every person can change and transcend from a victim to an author of one‘s life if he or she really wants and commits to that goal,

o   Every person has a unique inner potential and gifts to be discovered and empowered that will make an impact far beyond his or her own life if one takes action towards it,

o  Everything that happened in your past can be transformed into a benefit that provides you something of great value and expands your limits in order to help you to discover infinite possibilities if you are willing to adjust your heart and mind,

o   You are an immense world to be traveled, discovered, admired and loved if you are ready,

o   Every day you can decide to become a unique YOU. It is never too late if you choose to.


Over more than a decade, I have been helping motivated people to find their purpose for their lives, and the strength to deal with all kinds of trauma that have limited their potential. I have helped them gain self-confidence, and to discover and empower their unique gifts, to help them dream big and to walk towards those dreams.

Due to my own curiosity, openness, and love for people, and my motivation to become a unique provider of effective and transformative psychotherapy, personal development and coaching, I have invested thousands of Euros and spent hundreds of hours in dozens of training and certification programs, and am qualified in psychotherapy, Tibetan Buddhist Self Development practices and Life Coaching.

I am proud to provide you 3 distinct help, support, and personal development services. Each of them is approach depending on your mindset and the goals you are reaching for:

  • Life Coaching – Powerful questions and reliable methods that are based on neuroscience help you to get maximum clarity about your core values, what you really want in your life and equips you with the resources already available to you to become the best version of yourself. We focus on a vision of your best future that helps you to live better now and takes you beyond your limiting beliefs and old habits preventing you from realizing your greatest dreams.
  • Complex Psychotherapy – this service combines over 50 powerful therapy techniques related to mind, body, and emotion. We dig deep into the PAST using your body and mind, discovering key traumas and how they limit your life. Then, through a process resulting in emotional release and transformative integration, we find healing and recovery. This therapeutic and educational practice can free you from your limiting past, teach you powerful self-help tools, and transform you into a free and happy person prepared for the next inspiring phase of your life.
  • Tibetan Personal Development Practices and Buddhist psychology – focus on NOW through the deep connection to the present and to your essence – your inner source of wisdom. You discover the space of inner peace and clarity, a deep connection to your body and liberating insights using the ancient super-efficient transformative practices of Mindfulness Meditation, TibetanHealing Yoga LU JONG, and Tibetan Wisdom Sward TOG CHOD.

I am an expert on motivating and reinventing yourself.

So if you feel sick and tired of feeling limited, living a small life, controlled by your past stories and fears and are ready to reinvent your life, taking it to the next level,

You and I should have a conversation.



  • Are you ready to find out what it would take to reach the next level?
  • Are you ready to believe in yourself and make yourself a priority?
  • Are you ready to really begin transforming your life?  
  • Are you ready to commit yourself and to dive into a deep and intense process of self-discovery and transformation?
  • Are you ready to let go all of your tricky excuses that manifest in so many different forms like: “I know…”, “Yes, but…”, “Do I need that…”, “Iam too lazy for…”, “I don’t feel like…”, “I don’t care…”, “I doubt if I can…” and to activate your constructive mindset that is open, fresh and eager to work, discover and learn?



I know that miracles happen only when you have a strong motivation, feel ready to take a leap in your life and engage yourself into action right away, leaving behind all the possible excuses. 


  • I will provide you a safe space and absolute confidence. I will support you and will not please you.  
  • I will understand you and will unconditionally accept all your past experiences. I will also encourage you to take a step out of your limitations that hold you back.
  • I will be sincere and truthful with you in order to help you to see what exactly is holding you back and what you can do to reach your true power.
  • I will provide you all the tools you need and will accompany you in your process.  


Our work together will be intense – deep, one-on-one therapy/coaching that uncovers your limiting beliefs, your hidden blocks, provides you professional help in transforming them and gives you the tools you need to succeed with your goals.

My therapy/coaching is not for everyone.
It requires courage and commitment.

In order to make a real transformation of your life that will have a lasting impact, you need to be ready to invest not only your money but also your energy, your time and your commitment.


Send me an email and I will be happy to provide you all the details: